Titanium orthopedic implants by FMI Instrumed

When bones and joints no longer function optimally, as in the case of a disease like osteoarthritis, orthopedic implants can be incorporated as a replacement. Implants can be made of different materials, such as peek, stainless steel or titanium.

FMI Instrumed specializes in the serial production of orthopedic implants and instruments. The material they use for 3D printing the implants is titanium. Find out all about titanium orthopedic implants by FMI Instrumed.

What are the types of orthopedic implants we produce?

FMI Instrumed of the leading additive manufacturing companies to have a full-blown, commercial 3D printing facility. We use 3D metal printing to manufacture products such as a whole new generation of orthopedic implants. We can produce different types of orthopedic implants, for the spine, shoulder, hip or knee. This can be done in full scale serial production.

The benefits of 3D printed titanium orthopedic implants

3D metal printing is an intriguing new technology that offers a number of significant benefits. We added a list of the most import advantages below.

  • Increases functional and complex features
  • Shortens timelines
  • Optimizes osseointegration for orthopaedic implants
  • Improves mechanical properties
  • Reduces product lifecycle cost

At FMI Instrumed, we have all the manufacturing services and competences in house. This enables us to be a strategic partner for the full-service, single source supply of your high quality medical products. Because everything, from concept to FDA compliancy, happens ‘under one roof’, we can guarantee shortened timelines.

FMI Instrumed is an orthopedic implants manufacturer in The Netherlands

We are a medical division of FMI that specializes in the fabrication of titanium orthopedic implants and tools in large quantities. We apply additive manufacturing technology in the form of metal 3D printing, to create products such as cages, poly- and monoaxial screws, instruments and other orthopedic products.

Our main strength is that we have all manufacturing services and competences in house. On the one hand we have the additive manufacturing facilities, but on the other hand we also have the necessary skills and processes to manufacture from powder to fully finished products. Being an one-stop shop makes FMI Instrumed unique in the global medical device market.

FMI Instrumed is a full service contract manufacturer

We work in close cooperation together with our customers in order to become partners. Starting from co-engineering on NPI’s, moving forward to serial production we deliver your sterile product.

FMI Instrumed

More competences

FMI Instrumed is specialized in the serial production of orthopedic implants and instruments. Our competences enable a full-service approach for high quality medical products.

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