CNC Turning/Swiss turning

Our production employees have access to a well-used range of machinery, e.g. many different turning lathes that can be used to produce extremely accurate products with short processing times.

Each machine has specific properties. Options include unmanned production, manufacturing of complete products based on machining plus milling/drilling/tapping with power tools. This enables us to work with fast reaction and short setting times.

We operate a number of CNC bar turning machines specifically for small and complex fine mechanical products.

FMI Instrumed is a full service contract manufacturer

We work in close cooperation together with our customers in order to become partners. Starting from co-engineering on NPI’s, moving forward to serial production we deliver your sterile product.

FMI Instrumed

More competences

FMI Instrumed is specialized in the serial production of orthopedic implants and instruments. Our competences enable a full-service approach for high quality medical products.

Looking for a full service manufacturer for orthopedic implants or instruments?


FMI Instrumed
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