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Professional, flexible and reliable manufacturing

Thanks to the comprehensive range of modern CNC machinery and as a result of years of experience FMI Manufacturing offers components and machined frames. Our team of expert machining engineers work with a range of modern turning and milling machines for a wide variety of customers. With our high degree of automation, our machining processes are able to run 24/7.

Build-to-print parts

Build-to-print parts

For our customers we produce build-to-print parts, in single pieces and series, where high quality, reliability and timely deliveries are crucial. We are able to flexibly manufacturing them in small, medium or large volumes.

Flexibility is central to the way we work. By optimal use of our teams, processes, machines and time, we can keep order lead times as short as possible.

Our 'make-ability'

Our 'make-ability'

The key factors in our manufacturing success are makeability, keeping costs to a minimum, ensuring on-time delivery and close co-operation between our engineers and production teams. FMI is a one-stop shop for our customers, our lines of communication can be kept short and changes can be made quickly and easily.

By combining advanced technologies with our regular production processes, we are a valuable partner for prototypes, first series and volume production.

Quality assurance & Control

Quality assurance & Control

Given the accuracy required by our customers we continuously monitor and safeguard the quality of our processes and products.

We have a well-equipped measuring room at our disposal. Within FMI, all of our processes are carried out under the ISO 9001-2015 standards.

Our FMI competences

At our CNC machining centres, we use the very latest in CNC turning & milling machinery, EDM machines, robots and equipment. With our high degree of automation, our machining processes are able to run 24/7, mostly without any human intervention. We also lead the way when it comes to innovative technologies such as 3D metal printing, Computer Aided Manufacturing and robotics.

What FMI Manufacturing offers

Serial production (build-to print) of high-quality components

24/7 unmanned, robotized production

Production of complex one-off parts

Production of large components and frames

Specialized in welding

Well-equipped measuring room

Full traceability

Professional, flexible and hands-on teams

Products at glance

Our services

FMI is a full service contract manufacturer. We work in close cooperation together with our customers in order to become partners. Starting from co-engineering on NPI's, moving forward to serial production we deliver your product.

Part of FMI, a highly regarded supplier of mechanical systems, modules and components


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