Food Handling Systems

FMI is offering advanced systems, enabling customers in the food industry to improve their productivity, reduce costs and process their valuable products with high accuracy.

This makes us a Full System Supplier regarding automized processes, handling- and packaging solutions in primary high care food applications and food industry.

We provide modular designed technology, but also work tailor-made with respect to product treatment, product and production lay-out requirements.

Our product offering

  • Food handling technologies
    • Vision & sensoring: Product flow analyses, orientation and quality
    • Software algorithms: Translation product flow analyses in gripper handling
    • Gripper technology: Mechanical and vacuum
  • Process, Product & Packaging Synchronization
    • Link between process and packaging
    • Unstructured product flow
  • HACCP & System Hygiene expertise
FMI HighTech Solutions

More competences

We design and build smart manufacturing solutions for the automated assembly, handling, inspection and processing of a wide range of products.
Our systems operate in 24/7, high output production environments where a high degree of accuracy is essential.

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