Company profile

Company profile


More added value, maximum involvement

Supplier of  systems, modules and components to high-technology, industrial and medical equipment manufacturers around the world.

Our organisation

FMI was established in 1962 as machining company, with our first production plant located in Bergen op Zoom.

Since a management buyout 2001, the organisation has grown from strength to strength, both organically and through a series of acquisitions. 

The latest additions to our FMI organisation include 21 Groep, an industrial service provider, specialising in piping & mechanical and electrotechnical installations and Irmato, a group of highly innovative industrial engineering companies specialising in industrial automation, industrial modules and integrated systems. Irmato had its origins, the most part, in the Philips electronics corporation and has now been fully integrated into FMI.

Today, FMI consists of 9 engineering and manufacturing companies, with more than 400 employees. Our products and services include component manufacturing and the assembly of modules and integrated systems.

We use the very latest in CNC machining, computer aided manufacturing, additive manufacturing production and engineering technologies.

We focus on Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as end-product suppliers in our main markets: high-technology, industrial machines & equipment, food handling and medical instruments & implants. FMI is privately owned and we have a solid financial base.



Our approach

At FMI, we take great pride in making a difference, together with our customers.

At FMI, we take great pride in making a difference, together with our customers.

We make that difference by combining our customer involvement, a passion for what we do and, our entrepreneurial spirit.

With our technical acumen and ability to ‘think out of the box’, we help you transform even the most basic or challenging ideas into innovative, high quality products. It's all about working closely with you and providing you with ‘more added value and our maximum involvement’. Together we can really make a difference!