Food industry solutions

Food industry solutions

Machinery and automated processing solutions for the food industry

Foodlife®, an FMI company, designs and manufactures full service solutions for the food industry.

foodlife® develops innovative machinery and fully automated processing solutions for the worldwide food industry. Our customer base is broad, ranging from retailers to large fresh cut and food industry companies. foodlife® is the full service business partner for food processing companies, providing them with total solutions based on:

  • Processing machinery
  • Vision and robotic systems
  • Process consultancy & design
  • Maintenance repair & overhaul       

Our food processing solutions

We offer some of the most advanced systems around, enabling customers in the food industry to drastically improve their productivity, reduce costs and process their valuable produce with extreme care and accuracy. As a full-service business partner we have solutions that cater for every processing stage, including: 

  • Handling
  • Floretting and decoring
  • Washing
  • Dewatering, drying and cooling
  • Sorting and selecting
  • Weighing, dosing and filling
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging